CH R256 Toddbrook Valaquenta Q* HB072138D
Sire: SM CH §260/182 Silverleas Talisker BrCh
Dam: R114 Toddbrook Silmaril
(ex R195 Toddbrook Nimrodel Q* BrCh)

Never shown as a kid, Valaquenta was always Best or Reserve Best Goatling and as a milker, won and held 14 CCs over 4 seasons. Wins included Best in Show at the Tendring Hundred Show for 4 consecutive years after which we retired her.

A genuine 2 gallon milker (9.2kg/20.28lbs) she has won the Ashdene Metaphor Award for the highest milk recorded champion for both of her last 2 milk recordings

She is the current winner of the 2010 Malpas Melba Trophy for the best lifetime yield having produced 11,884kg

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Milk Recording Data    
1st lactation: 2096 kgs in 365 days @ 3.34% Butterfat & 2.80% Protein
2nd lactation: 2560 kgs in 365 days at 3.39% Butterfat & 2.68% Protein
3rd lactation 2250kgs in 365 days at 3.29% Butterfat & 2.62% Protein
4th lactation: (still milking) 2130 kgs in 365 days at 3.33% Butterfat & 2.61% Protein
LIFETIME YIELD 14014KG (4/4/2011)  


Sire: SM Aphrodite Amani
Dam: CH R256 Toddbrook Valaquenta Q*

Kidded kid running through. She has been shown 5 times only and has gained 2 CCs, 2 Res CCs and 1 IPCC.

Like her mother, Valaquenta, she is a very consistent milker and produced a daily yield of over 6kg running through in the 2nd year of her lactation.

Her son, Toddbrook Mordor was exported to Trinidad in March 2010

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Milk Recording Data  
1st lactation: 1908 kgs in 365 days @ 3.27% Butterfat & 2.80% Protein
Extended lactation: 2819kgs in 558 days at 3.23% Butterfat & 2.80% Protein
Toddbrook BRAMBLE Q*2 bs0412206D

Sire: Aphrodite Amani
Dam:AR206 Toddbrook Yew *1 BrCh

Bramble is a large, rangy 1st kidder with a very level topline and nice, well attached udder. She has strong pasterns and stands well up on them.

She is bred from a very strong female family being a daughter of Yew (see below), who is bred from Willow who goes back to Ashdene Neferkare

Bramble has been shown 3 times in 2010 and been awarded 2 BCCs and a res BCC and a Q*

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Milk Recording Data  
1st lactation: still milking

Sire: Aphrodite Amani

Dam: Toddbrook Misszizi

Bridie was a shown once only as a kid and was awarded Best Kid in very good competition. She was then shown only 3 times as a goatling and was Best on 2 occasions being beaten on the 3rd occasion by Bramble (see above)

A beautifully finished animal as a yearling she produced over 2kg per day from an exceptionally well attached udder. Unfortunately at kidding she damaged her back and after being unable to stand for 4 weeks was put down. She was producing 5.5kg from the same, beautifully attached udder during this period. Today, her son Titian stands at stud here and reminds us constantly of what might have been!

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ar207 Toddbrook Yew *1 brch BS041330D (deceased)

Sire: SM CH §171/122† Tweedside Scotty
Dam: CH RM176 Toddbrook Willow Q* BrCh

Kidded at 13 months of age, Yew had an excellent show career as a 1st kidder and as a 1st kidder running through. She was the youngest milker present at her 1st show (Suffolk County) where she went on to be awarded Best in Show. Only requiring a Q* to become a full Champion she unfortunately died at her 2nd kidding.

Her daughter Bramble (see above) is a 1st kidder in the herd today

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1st lactation: 2069kg in 365 days @ 3.75% Butterfat & 2.91% Protein
Extended lactation 3205 kg in 542 days at 3.66% Butterfat & 2.81% Protein

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